Long duration residential programme - Learning by doing

Dates: Jan 02, 2021 to March 27, 2021

Experiential learning and practical application, supplemented with theoretical discussion, facilitated by VanFEVA members and visiting resource persons, assisted by volunteers. It will particularly engage village youth and urban participants in understanding and responding to the issues and challenges faced by adivasi/rural people living in Sahyadri foothills of the Western Ghats, especially in the domains of ecologically sustainable livelihoods, education and culture. It will also include music, arts, crafts, natural healing, silent meditation, etc. The ‘hands on’ work will include forest and watershed regeneration, natural/organic farming, and various projects for rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge, reclamation of eroded topsoil from silted water bodies. It will also include a variety of ecologically sustainable livelihoods, including forest foods, natural processing for preservation, sustainable habitat construction, enhancing and documenting the biodiversity of flora and fauna, woodwork, palash leaf-plate making, etc. 

Vanvadi weekender

Dates: Weekends of Jan 09, 2021 to March 20, 2021

VanFEVA is open for all weekend workshops with themes ranging from Mud-house building, Water conservation and harvesting, Natural farming and Bio-diversity.

General visits

If anyone wishes to spend some time in nature, away from the city, you’re welcome to visit after prior intimation and confirmation by any of the persons mentioned in the contact page.

Basic Regular
In addition to access to the forest, you get
Breakfast + Lunch + Evening Tea 3 meals + tea & stay in our community house
Requested contributions
(free for children below 6)
Rs. 700 per person Rs. 1000 per person


Please inform us if you (min 4 people) would like a guided forest walk arranged with Mahadu Bua/Ambi bai introducing traditionally useful forest plants, including forest foods found at Vanvadi)

Points to note before your visit

  • The Vanvadi Community House can accommodate about 30 people. 
  • We are still off the grid with basic electrical needs provided by a solar panel. 
  • Cooking is mainly done on firewood. Internet connectivity is available at our networking huts, but not in our Community House. 
  • The contributions requested above are for short stays of one to three days. For longer stays and to know about our volunteering policy, please discuss with people mentioned on the Contact us page.  
  • The space is maintained & managed by Vanvadi members and a local adivasi family of Mahadu Bua, Ambi bai, Daulat, Kalpana, with the help of volunteers. They host, manage programs, conduct walks/ treks, cook food, wash dishes, oversee on-going work, and help with documentation and other tasks, as needed from time to time. 
  • Your contributions help us meet our costs, including care of the forest, the community house and rainwater harvesting work.They also cover simple, vegetarian food, and shared accommodation. 
  • You are most welcome to contribute more to support us! In case you cannot afford the suggested amount, please talk with us and we will find a middle path. 
  • Charges for workshops & programs that need outside facilitators & experts may be extra. For bookings made well in advance for more than 20 people, we can help design a customized program. Get 10% discount for a group of more than ten, and 20% discount for more than twenty. For weekdays, you get a 10% discount. You also get Rs. 150 off if you get your own tent or sleep in the open, and another Rs. 150 off if you manage your own food. Please bring your own bed sheets or sleeping bag and torch; umbrella and mosquito net (during monsoon); perhaps also any musical instrument you play. 
  • Your safety is our concern, but the responsibility of looking after yourself is yours! We strongly encourage use of eco-friendly products in our forest, and request you to avoid/ minimise use of plastics, chemical soaps, detergents, toothpaste, etc.  
  • The nearest small town, Kalamb, is about 4 km from Vanvadi.
  • This is a ‘not for profit’ initiative and all collections go towards conserving/ regenerating the forest, enhancing its biodiversity, rainwater harvesting work, including maintenance of the community house and surroundings. We welcome support in cash and kind to enable us to offer more concessional scholarships and undertake additional regenerative field work!

We advise that all payments are made into our bank account and intimation sent to us

Account No :- HDFC Bank 50200053927526
IFSC Code :- HDFC0000356

Please refrain from making payments by cash or to any other account or through payment wallets, unless it is a tip